The Secret of Boosting your ability to play songs on piano
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Honest Flowkey Review by a regular user of this App :

Hi, guys, this is Pravin, in this video, I am going tell you the secret of boosting your ability to learn songs on the piano. Please check out the link below to use this aap. Its Free to join.

Now let me tell you something about myself, I am Piano and Guitar teacher, and I really wish this app was there in my initial learning period when I started. I mean I've tried so many sources for learning piano and I must admit this is best so far I've come across. now  You have the chance to boost your ability to learn your favorite songs.  Once you finish this video,  Just check out the link below,

After clicking the below link, this page will open, now before opening this page, I recommend you please connect your keyboard or piano to your computer, by USB or just put your mic on.  flow kay can detect sound from your piano. I personally like to connect with my USB.

Click on get started now, then you will be presented with these two options. Let's assume you are a total beginner and have never played piano before.. So select this option. After that, you will be asked to create your account. You can use your existing facebook or google plus account to login. I already have my premium and one free account. I'll just login with my free account first for demo purpose.

After login you will be presented with some basics for piano video series. There are total 4 videos in this series..   like this one in the video below  .. I recommend do watch and listen to it before starting your first exercise. For demo purpose, I'll skip through the videos quickly. You'll have your first exercise on piano like this one, you have look out for instructions in this right corner. After watching the first exercise video, you have to play the exact same pattern on your piano. Flowkey detects your input by USB or mic, it will wait for your input. If you notice you have information onscreen as which note to play as well as which finger to use. Also at the bottom notes are presented in sheet music format. You know that’s beneficial to you. In this method, you get trained by ear and visually.

Just finish your exercise or you can come to this section. Introduction to the piano section has 10 courses. You can preview it by clicking here. The lessons are designed in easy to go step by step method pattern. It breaks down to separate right hand and then left-hand lessons. As a free member, you won't have access to all parts of lessons that why they are locked. We will see in details how to unlock these by paying small amount of subscription fees.

You can also learn how to read sheet music. You have a separate lesson on how to combine both hands together. You can go through other courses.

The real meat is chords and pop piano, you have 9 courses here. Here you can start learning piano by easy pop songs like this. You have celine dion's  my heart will go on.. One of my fav.

Let's move to songs section. If you know some piano basics you can directly come to this section

As a free member you have total 8 songs to learn, you have fur alise, pirates of the caribbean, just go through these songs..the fun to play and its free..

You can just listen to a song by clicking here. If you want to learn this song click here.

Here you have few options. First You can watch the whole song in action.

Then you click here and select the portion you want to learn, watch it in action. Then you can select only right hand and practice that part. It’s a wait mode…we have the app will wait until you play the right note. You can also choose only left-hand mode.. This time I will select

Slow mode. Here the section is played slowly. This way its easier to learn any song.

Flowkey keeps on updating their songs database.. Currently, they have 500+ songs and adding each month. I mean what else you could have asked for?


Each section of songs is divided into beginner, intermediate, advanced and pro level. Imagine your self successfully completing all levels and playing this song…    like this one of my fav.  Metalica

You can also request your fav song, there's a chance that they might add it if they can.

Now let's see how to unlock to full version

Go to this setting icon and click on premium upgrade. You have few options here

Monthly is 19.99 $

Most popular is 3 months 12.99 a month

The 12-month membership is 9.99 $ a month

Choose your option give it a try if liked the free version paid versions is supercool..

If you are a serious piano student and wants to learn as many as you want, be a wise guy like me I've upgraded to once time lifetime subscription of just 299.99.  believe me, its much less if go to any private piano class or a teacher. You won't get these many choices of songs and lessons and that too with this much freedom of taking your lessons at your comfortable or free time.

This is a must have for the enthusiastic piano student.

Now don't wait just click on the below link and get started for free..  Thanks for reading.

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