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Getting Your Piano Labeled 

Hi there, this is Pravin, today I want to share something very useful.

I have taught many students to play online piano and what I 've observed is that more than 70 % student struggle to  remember the þiano note names and this is the reason most of them don't learn how to play the songs smoothly or they just quit after some time.

That’s why I found a fast and easy way to label your þiano keys without messing up your piano keyboard keys. Just follow these simple steps

1st depending on your þiano key size, choose from above 3 different sizes,  either




Lets assume you choose size Big,

A pdf document will open, you need to take print out of that pdf, note that this pdf has 2 pages.

You need to take print outs for both of these pages.  Make sure that you check the "fit to size" setting for printouts

Now you need to cut the labels from these dotted lines. 

There are total 7 labels. Cut all of them or just 5 depending on how many octave your þiano has,

Once your cuttings are ready, first you need to find out C note, to do that find any two black keys, the very first white note, which is adjacent to two black keys is C note.

Now place and align these labels as shown in the video,

if you find the size is not suitable for your piano, try different size.

And now you are ready to play your piano.

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