The Reason Why Are Music Scales Important In Music


Q: The Reason Why Are Music Scales Important In Music ?

A: I would like to give you the big picture:

Chords and scales are the frame of any music piece, from Classical, Jazz, Blues, Bebop, Rock, Pop, to virtually any music style you can imagine!

So you should learn them very well and understand them, and especially, know how to use them. You have to understand that once you master these two, discover how they work together, and understand the relation between both, then you will be able to play any song or music piece you like.

After this, you’ll be able to improvise, compose your own works, and you will be able to see music in a whole new way. Even if you play Classical or Pop music and don't want to learn improvising or composing, you'll discover that you'll be able to understand what you're playing : notes and chords will stop being just notes and chords, and you'll start seeing the structure behind the music, the chord progressions behind the score, and start understanding the harmony behind any song or music piece.

You'll even be able to transpose any song to any key you would like, and in some cases even predict what chords come next.

To sum up, mastering chords and scales is something very important and is virtually the basis of everything musical.
Most people are introduced to chords when playing their first songs – however many do not really understand why the combination of those chords sound *good* when played in that order.

There is in fact a skeleton within each song and each music piece, which is relevant to the progression of chords used, while the melody or tune of the song is actually based on different combinations of scales.

Additionally, the main reason why some chords sound good one after another, or why some scales play smoothly when used with certain chords, is highly relevant to to the type of music intervals that make them up and how they interact together: both by producing tension and resolving it, and thus producing pleasure to the listener. I’ll tell you more
about that in the following sections, but what I want you to take from this lesson is that everything is strongly related: intervals, chords, and scales.

Although this process may seem complicated at first, the magic begins with allowing you to use simple, but very powerful concepts that make everything easy to understand.Part of what I am going to teach you in this first lesson, and in the upcoming ones, are things that I wished I had learned before , simple but very powerful concepts that took
me many years to discover, but that changed my piano life completely.

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