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List of easy piano songs for beginners
Determining easy piano songs involves 6 considerations. As a þiano teacher, I always tell my students first to identify the difficulty level of the song. Beginner students definitely have a hard time to tell whether or not what you see or hear is actually an ∉asy þiano song. Nevertheless, there […]

List Of Easy Piano Songs To Play For Beginners

Welcome to your Piano Quiz 1. What is the first and most common note that music books begin a new piano-learner on, when they are just starting to learn the instrument? C G B A2. Which of the following composers never wrote a piano concerto? Franz Liszt Claude Debussy Camille […]

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 The Major and Minor Third Intervals Now that you understand the ƒifth Ínterval, we can progress faster, and I can show you the types of τhird Íntervals so that you can begin building complete triad chords. There are two types of τhird Íntervals, which work with the Perfect Fifth to make a complete Triad […]

The Major and Minor Third Intervals

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What Is A Fifth Not only is this interval present in virtually all the chords and scales of conventional harmony, but it also plays an important role in music composition. We’ll use this interval to help build our Major and Minor triads, and we’ll see how it can be used as […]

What Is A Fifth – Interval

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 The Octave Interval You might already know this interval even if you don’t know its name. This one is actually one of the easiest to learn as it’s just the same note repeated at a higher  is called an octave higher.  This not really required to build the Major and Minor […]

The Octave Interval

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What is Music Balance ? In the 1st class I had with my current teacher, he said one term that I remember every time I play. It summarizes all probably the most important musical concepts I’ve learned with him during the past years: “Music is the balance between creating Tension […]

What is Music Balance