The Perfect Fifth Interval Part 2

The Perfect Fifth Interval – Part 2

We have created a chart for you, with all the Fifth Intervals in all 12 tonalities , so you can master the Perfect Fifth interval in all keys.

c fifth interval

Db Fifth Interval

D Fifth Interval

Eb Fifth Interval

E Fifth Interval

F Fifth Interval

Gb Fifth Interval

G Fifth Interval

Ab Fifth Interval

A Fifth Interval

Bb Fifth Interval

B Fifth Interval

 If you play any Fifth Interval, no matter what key you play it in, you’ll notice that the Fifth Interval produces a comfortable sound and apparently no tension. In this way, you can be sure that if fifth interval is part of a chord, it will not add tension to that chord.

Q: Why is the formal name “Perfect Fifth” and not just “Fifth”?
The reason why the “Perfect” is added to the name is because, as we will see in the following lessons, there are other types of ‘Fifth intervals”, where the spacing changes by a half tone. These are also sometimes referred to as augmented and diminished fifth intervals, and so the word “Perfect” usually enforces that we’re talking about the interval with the seven half-tones that we have presented and not others.

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