The Octave Interval

 The Octave Interval

You might already know this interval even if you don’t know its name. This one is actually one of the easiest to learn as it’s just the same note repeated at a higher  is called an octave higher.  This not really required to build the Major and Minor Triads, but it’s useful to know because it is one of the most basic intervals of music, and it’s very easy to master.

Let’s see how The Octave Interval looks in all keys before moving on.

C Octave Interval

Db Octave

D Octave

Eb Octave

E Octave

F Octave

F# Octave

G Octave

Ab Octave

A Octave

B Octave

Bb Octave

Play tease notes on any key. For example key of C

C Octave

You may notice that this interval does not produce a tense sound, but produces a quite comfortable sound. However, let’s move on to one of the most important musical-intervals that will help you as the basis for building many chords: The Fifth-Interval.

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Piano Lessons

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