The Building Blocks Also Known As Music Basics

The Building Blocks Also Known As Music Basics 

Therefore, right now you might be wondering if music intervals are just like the building blocks / music basics of
chords and scales…

Q: What are music intervals exactly?
A interval that is musical usually thought as the distance between two notes. These two notes can be played apart such as when playing a melody or a scale, or can be played simultaneously, such as when the interval forms a part of a chord.

Let me give you several examples of various music intervals:

C Octave

c fifth interval

C fourth interval_Music Basics

Interval C Major Third

C Minor Interval

So as the thing is, the distance between the very first note and the next note determines the title regarding the interval that is musical the sound it holds. They are just some of most of the music intervals which exist, therefore right now you may be thinking:

Q: Which intervals should I learn and why?
Well, my first objective for this lesson is a practical one, and I would like for you to be able to quickly build the Major and Minor Triad Chords in any key. Major and Minor Triad Chords are the basis of most music pieces, and they will be really useful for playing your first songs and creating your first compositions. To learn these we’ll need to master:

The Perfect Fifth Interval
The Major Third Interval
The Minor Third Interval

As we’ll see shortly, combining these important intervals will let us build the chords on any key without the need to memorize the individual notes of each of the Major and Minor chords. My second objective is more profound, and it is for you to understand why the Major and Minor chords sound like they do. I would like you to understand the nature of intervals so that you may start building your own chords. I want you to be able to predict how a chord will sound even before you play it- right from the beginning. In order to accomplish the latest, I want to tell you about a very simple but powerful concept that will guide us throughout our lessons.
I know you will enjoy this powerful concept, and I will explain it by telling you a story that means a lot to me.

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