We Three Kings Piano Sheet Music along with Notes

ωe τhree ℜings þiano §heet μusic along with Notes

As a piano teacher, I teach We Three King to my students within their 1st week of starting the lessons. I teach the short version of  this song. Its only 8 bars long and uses only 16 notes, so easy to remember and fun to play. The time signature of the song is 3/4 and preferred temp is 200 BPM. The song requires you to play it by both hands. The preferred key of the song is C Major. You can directly Download PDF for music sheet of this song

These are the ωe τhree ℜings piano notes : (The number indicates Octave. Eg C4 is Middle C)

E4 D4 C4
A3 B3 C4 B3 A3
E4 D4 C4 A3 B3 C4 B3 A3

For better understanding of the timing, please watch following video, which shows how to play this song on piano. 



If you are looking for ωe three ℜings þiano sheet music following is placed for your convenience

we three kings piano sheet music



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