Piano Lessons In Hindi – 30 Videos

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 The Perfect Place To Find Piano Lessons In Hindi

Hindi is known as a Hindustani language. It stands out as the official language of the Government of India. 260 million Native speakers speak the this Language, that's why I thought I'll Make Piano Lessons In Hindi for people who want to learn Online Piano, but can only understand this language. I personally designed these Piano Tutorials In Hindi so that it reaches the right public whose first language is Hindi.

There are many piano lessons in other languages on the internet, but you'll observe that these are the best step by step, well designed piano lessons for beginners in Hindi. 

Here is Lesson No 1, it's about Piano First Steps - Sitting Position and Posture

Here is Lesson No 2, it's about Practicing C Position on Piano

Here is Lesson No 3, it's about Learning Your First Song On Piano - Beethoven's Ode to Joy

Click Here For Lesson No 4 and Remaining Lessons. 


10 Days Piano Mini Course

10 Days Piano Mini Course

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